How to make lower social media in after effects easily

In this tutorial we will learn how to make lower social media in after effects without plugin.


Tutorial Details

  • Program: After Effects CC
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes
  • Difficulity: Medium


Lower social media is mostly used by YouTube content creators in their videos. What for? just for fun the lower social media function is to display social media profiles to visitors or their visitors. In addition, this lower social media adds unique animations in your videos so that the videos you make become a little better.
Making lower social media is very easy. You just need to follow the steps below.

How to make lower social media in after effects

1 – Make a new Composition

Set as follows: (You can set it yourself)

cara membuat lower social media di after effects

  • Composition Name: Social_Media
  • Width: 1920 px
  • Height: 1080 px
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • Duration: 8 second
  • Background Color: Dark Grey

Then click OK.

2 – Import Logo

Import the logo on your computer. If it’s not there, you can download it on google by typing: logo (social media) png in search. Here you can enter your social media logo. In this tutorial the author uses the Instagram logo. Move the logo to the timeline panel.

Then right-click on the logo layer and click Pre-compose.


Set as follows:

    • New Composition Name: Instagram_Logo
    • Centang new all attributes into the new composition
    • Then click OK

Press S (Scale) on the logo layer to adjust the size of the logo then change it to 50%. Press shift + ← to move the logo to the left. Then click Text Tool or ctrl + T to type text. Place the text to the right of the logo.

Select all layers in the timeline then click P (position).

Aim your cursor to the 3rd second and add keyframes by clicking the position icon.

Next point the cursor back to the 1st second and change the position as shown.

Click on all the keyframes and click F9 for Easy ease then click on the Graph editor and set it as shown in the image.

Select all keframes at the 3rd second and drag to the 2nd second.

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3 – Click Rectangle Tool

Set as follows:

  • Fill: Solid Color
  • Stroke: None

Move the cursor to 2.30 seconds. The aim of this cursor to see the last side of keyframes. Then make a shape in the text and don’t hit the logo image. Rename or press Enter on this shape layer with Matte.

In this step, point your cursor to the timeline layer, then click F4 to display the Matte Track.

On this instagram layer set on the matte track menu which was previously none to Alpha Matte “Matte”.

Then click on the matte layer and press ctrl + D to duplicate the layer.

Move this layer above the Follow me layer and set this “Follow me” layer in the track matte menu from none to Alpha Matte “Matte 2” as shown.

Perform this same step for the “Instagram” logo layer.

4 – Pre-compose all layers

Click all layers with the ctrl + A shortcut and right click on the layer then click Pre-compose.

Change the composition name to Instagram. Hover the cursor at the end of the animation on keyframes. Then click the ctrl + shift + D shortcut to cut the layer and discard the rest of the layer that was cut. After that duplicate the layer or ctrl + D.

Then right click on the layer and choose Time> Time-Reverse Layer or ctrl + alt + R.

Atur layer seperti pada gambar.

5 – Finished!

Those are the steps on how to make lower social media easily. You can try it right away. May be useful.