How to make morph effects in after effects

In the tutorial we will make a morph effect or move objects slowly in After Effects easily.


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Morphing technique is the effect where an object slowly changes into another object. Basically Morphing is done by making transition images between origin and destination images.

Morphing is the gradual change in the shape of an object image. Morphing is one technique that is widely used in the entertainment world because the effect of morphing is very interesting to watch. Morphing requires two images, namely the initial image and the final image. Morphing is used to create an image which is an image that changes every time unit from the initial image to the final image. Morphing can be simply done using linear interpolation.

How to make morph effects in after effects

1 – Make a new composition

cara membuat morph di after effects

Adjust the composition according to the picture, you can adjust it as you wish.

2 – Import image

How to import images into the project panel is to hover over the cursor and click on the project panel then press ctrl + i. After entering the image folder, don’t forget to check the ImporterJPEG Sequence as shown below.

After that, drag the image file that you imported into the project panel into the timeline panel.

Make new solid to make the background in the image by right clicking on the timeline panel> New> Solid.

3 –  Set Time Remap

Click ctrl + alt + on the image to display Time Remap in the properties of the image layer in the timeline panel.

On the Effects menu and presets write Timewarp. Set the timewarp as follows:

  • Adjust Time By: Source Frame
  • Source Frame: 1.00. and press “U” to display properties and keyframes.
  • Tuning > Vector detail: 5.00
  • Smoothing > Local Smoothness: 5000.00
  • Motion Blur > Enable motion blur: ✓;
    • Shutter control: manual;
    • Shutter angle: 360;
    • Shutter sample:16;

At the source frame press page down + right arrow (->) to adjust each frame. Each frame is written 1,2,3 etc. In accordance with the number of images there. After that, drag the keyframes according to the duration you have made by holding alt + drag until the end of the duration. Then copy and paste all keyframes as shown.

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4 – Finished!

That’s the tutorial on how to create morphs in After Effects easily. You can immediately try it easily. Don’t forget to post a comment below. May be useful.